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  • Purification Capacity 8 TO 10 Liters/Hour**.
  • Blocks Inlet water supply when no power is available to the system or system is not purifying.
  • Protects against power fluctuation.
  • Water availability on demand even without power.
  • 7 stage purification.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Dry run protection of pump.
  • Push fit connectors for leak-proof and maintenance free performance.
  • Suitable for water up to 2000 PPM TDS.
  • Dry run protection of pump.
  • Ensures a constant refill into the tank & makes water available.
  • ABS Construction and corrosion free life span.
  • Unique membrane cleaning system to ensure superior & effective membrane performance.
  • Food grade engineering plastic construction and corrosion free life span.

**As per standerd test conditions.10 psi input Pressure and 750 ppm TDS at 25° C.

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  • E-Platina Best Water Purifier RO in India
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